Frockapalooza: Day 37 – Dishonorable Mentions

Hurrah! Frockapalooza has finally reached it’s end, so to tie us up here’s a few (dis)honorable mentions that didn’t quite manage to make it in for one reason or another! They’re still in my closet, so I felt like I had to include them.
So, that makes 41 dresses. 41.
Considering they made a movie called 27 Dresses, and I’ve left that number in the dust I’d say it’s probably time to reassess my wardrobe!
At some point in the next few weeks I’m going to do a drastic cull, and I’ll be putting the overflow up on eBay, so I’ll let you know once I’ve got my act together and put them up on offer. I thought I’d donate some of the proceeds from the sale to one of my local charities.
So, without further ado – Frocapalooza, the (dis)honorable mentions:

Dress: 8Inkerman
Boots: Reiker Antistress via Shoebuy
Too hot for this dress over summer alas, but I still like it, it’s great for snuggling.

Dress: Monsoon
I was actually going to wear this dress for New Year’s, but when I put it on prior to coming to Canberra I discovered that I’ve lost enough cup sizes that it won’t stay up. Quite sad about this, as I’ve worn it to almost every wedding I’ve been to over the last three years.

Dress: Thrifted via eBay
I bought this dress for the express reason that it zipped up the front like my favourite shirt dress, but it hasn’t been worn for a while, and I sort of forgot it was in my cupboard at all (!)

Dress: Crossroads
Cardigan: Portmans
Shoes: Wittner
Still love this dress, but I forgot to pack it! I bought it a few years ago during the Year Of Great Frocks That Are Also Cheap, and it’s the only one that’s lasted the distance.

Cardigan: Crossroads
Boots: Duo Boots
Managed to drop a bit of oily something on the frill of this dress which prevented it from being worn in time!

15 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 37 – Dishonorable Mentions

  1. That Cast Couture dress is beautiful. I have really enjoyed Frockapalooza!

    In a late night internet buy yesterday, I bought a pair of the red Jesolo boots from Duo because A)I have drooled over yours every time they've appeared in your blog since you got them and B) They are in the sale and still available in my size. This, as everyone knows, is a positive sign from the gods of shoe acquisitioning.

  2. one day I will show you mine 😉 yeah yeah 😉 I only need working camera and something else than 4 little black dresses 😉 But I promise! I'll show you!!! ;]
    You look stunning! Have a very very very good year! I wish you more frocks and froufrous and every pair of shoes that makes you happy 😉
    biiiiiiiiiiiig huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug!!!

  3. I found your blog while you were in the middle of Frockapalooza. I'm not a dress wearer, but seeing all of your adorable outfits inspires me to give it a try! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. These dresses are all amazing, but that Cast Couture number is practically perfect in every way.

    Frockapalooza was fantastic and I'm so glad I go to be along for the ride!

  5. I have the boobs to do justice to that Monsoon dress, can't wait for your e-bay sale. I have thoroughly enjoyed frockapalooza. You have inspired me to at least try to stop looking like something the cat dragged in whenever I leave the house.

  6. i love the idea of frockapalooza! i just don't have the dedication to keep my legs hair free haha. well done! what a fab way to enter the new year xox

  7. Well done! You look great in every photo, but I too have my favorites –

    The Monsoon dress is lovely, the Crossroads dress is so sweet and cool looking, but the Cast Couture dress? A-MA-ZING! You look straight out of an ad campaign in that outfit (and I mean that in the very best way, you know).

    You've inspired me, dearie. Happy New Year to you!


  8. I LOVE that Crossroads/Portmans ensemble.

    Am very jealous.

    Quite like the Monsoon dress too, and am thinking that sadly I'd have more than enough cups to keep it up,lol.

  9. ooh, i love that cast couture dress too! i would never have thought to pair it with two DIFFERENT reds — daring!

    and fwiw, there is a classic children's book called The Hundred Dresses AND a new children's book called 10,000 Dresses so, um, no need to stop frockapalooza-ing now!

  10. Loving that Crossroads dress on you. The colour is so pretty and fresh. I am trying to stay away from the Duo sale – thanks for the reminder Claire!!

  11. stunning! this blue and red outfit is perfect for you!
    it makes you look slimmer. but not taking it as offence (I am curvy too). it makes you look taller.
    But I really like you in green too, any shade.
    So, thomb up for blu, red and green.


  12. Hi, just stumbled across your site and think particularily pretty in the picture with the blue dresss, red cardi+boots. Being curvacious and a big size myself, it is great it is possible to be trendy and stylish:)

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