Frockapalooza: Day 9 – The Cold Shoulder

Dress: Remixed from an American Apparel Top & City Chic Skirt
Shoes: Wittner
Oooh – here’s a glam Frockapalooza entry.
Last night I attended a (pretty awful) singles night with a couple of girlfriends. I frocked up in my remixed one shoulder dress which was made from an American Apparel top that was riding up and a City Chic skirt that was falling down.
It’s a bit of a hash job, but it must’ve looked okay because my favourite pick-up line from the night was “I don’t know what you look like normally but you look pretty good tonight” (be still my heart!)

19 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 9 – The Cold Shoulder


    You look so glamourous!!!

    I am so envious! I have NEVER gotten a pick up line before! Hahahaha!

  2. Hahahah, that's a good line.
    Best/worst line I've ever heard: "Your parents must be retarded, because you sure are special."
    That might have worked better had I not been the parent of a special needs child. Or that I'm married.

  3. Hope you don't mind me being this frank, but I'm almost questioning my heterosexuality while looking at you =) You're hot!

  4. Wowser! You look amazing.

    Now, I'm going to get practical, obviously you are wearing a strapless bra. Which one and is it at least reasonably comfortable? I am after one that doesn't make me want to take it off and throw it half way across a room in a rage after 1/2 an hour.

  5. I believe they call that "damning with feint praise"!
    Why would they imagine you don't look that fabulous at any other time??

  6. LMAO that guy is so smooth I cant imagine why his still single?!?

    I second annefromfinland you are so beautiful in this number makes me wish I batted for the other team, it would definately make life a whole lot easier! Ha!

  7. The dress looks amazing, aren't you clever? ๐Ÿ™‚

    and boy what a charmer, can't believe you didn't snatch him up before some other lucky woman gets him..

  8. Thanks all! You've got The Sophisticate all hot and bothered with your talk of batting for other teams ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sarah R That's awesomely terrible! Did you laugh in his face or throw your drink in it?

    D-H, I'm actually wearing the Berlei Ultimate comfort strapless bra:
    It's remarkably comfortable for a strapless ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, the earrings are frpm Torrid

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