Back to School

Blouse: Dream Diva
Cardigan: Target
Skirt & Belt: Portmans
Shoes: Ben Sherman @ Solestruck
Looking a little rumpled at the end of the day, but still smiling!
The Sophisticate has deemed this outfit as airhostess-esque (in the sexiest way possible) but I think it’s a little more secretarial.
I’ve more or less given up on the open-cardigan-belted-over-x-y-or-z look, but I have discovered that the cardigan-with-shirt-tucked-into-x-y-or-z seems to work in a very prim and proper school marm sort of way. Also, it should be added that the skirt – with its awesome backruffle – is totally condusive to standing at the blackboard.
Actually, the school marm reference ties in neatly to the awesome brooch that I alluded to a few weeks ago:
It says single! Cool, huh?

14 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Whenever I wear a white business shirt, I inevitably drop food on it creating a highly attractive food stain on my chest area. I hope you don't do this because I'd hate for this outfit to be ruined!

  2. Hey i just came across your blog – and i just adore it!! You look wonderful… and PS thanks so much for the shopping links.

  3. Love it.

    Does the shirt and cardi get all bunched up under the pencil skirt? I'd be wriggling all day trying to stop it from bunching up…

    Take care!

  4. I only suggested you looked like an air hostess because you had your hair tied up in a bun with a towel. Not dissimilar to an exotic air hostess from a carrier of some noteworthiness (or notoriety if you prefer it that way)

  5. I just had to say how delightful that skirt is! It fits you perfectly and looks stunning on you. Those kind of skirts need wonderful curves like yours in order to do then any real justice. Perfectly styled. PERFECT!

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