In The Pink

Blouse: Dream Diva
Cardigan: Pure Collection
Jeans: Grace Hill @ Ezibuy
Shoes: Campers
Nope. Didn’t manage to squeeze a remix in, but never mind; it just gave me the opportunity to get a little bit more late-season wear out of this cute pink wrap cardigan. It’s snuggly warm, and one of my favourites – I’m such a pink girl.
Melbourne’s really having a bit of a cold snap at the moment – coupled with the torrential rain it means I haven’t been able to get out and snapping with my camera as much as I’d like.
Also, I’m feeling seriously uninspired when it comes to wardrobe shopping, which is so out of character for me. All the shops are full of fun little frocks and strappy tops, and it’s been so cold that it’s been difficult to imagine putting them together into anything that wouldn’t result in serious pneumonia.
So, there’s been some talk on Fatshionista about having a Melbourne fashion meet-up and clothes swap. I was thinking I might host one of my own, but I wanted to get a little show of hands from readers so I can get some idea of whether or not it would be feasible to hold it at Casa Lilli. Just let me know in the comments below whether you think you might be interested…

18 thoughts on “In The Pink

  1. what a coincidence 😛 I've just bought pink sweater and pink skirt :D:D:D
    I guess I'm a mind reader or something like that 😀
    huuuuuuuuuuuugz 🙂
    (I've bought shoes too :/ they won't fit to anything I have so more shopping ahead :P)

  2. Yes I too find it hard to be inspired by all the floral and flowy summer outfits when confronted by dust storms and very windy days!!
    I'm not in melbourne but it sounds like alot of fun

  3. Argh it's been cold,hasn't it? I've just been really glad I didn't have to do anything that required me to be outside for any length of time.

    I'd come, but a) I'm shy, and b) I doubt I have much (that I want to part with) that people would want to wear. I find my clothes wear out that much faster when I'm fat. They seem to only leave my wardrobe when they fall apart or lose their shape.

  4. Oooh, I wish I was in Melbourne, I'd love to come! Although I think my clothes might be a little big to swap with you lovely ladies…I could just bring cupcakes and play with Ms Suki! Ahh well….. 🙂

  5. I've only just stumbled on your blog, but reading back over your recent entries, I'd be keen to go to a fashion swap!

  6. Only a month too late… but just curious as to which jeans these are from Ezibuy? They look great! Also, loving your blog, only just stumbled upon it – definitely added to the reader!

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