Black, White & Red All Over

Dress: Basque @ Myer
Shoes: Wittner
Brooch: Sportsgirl

What’s black, white and red all over? Lilli, on her way out the door to a monster day!

I’m so sorry to have been absent for so long – life’s so busy at the moment that I keep running out of time to take photos in the afternoons. I’ve been skipping around the countryside attending gallery openings, visiting restaurants, entertaining visitors and just generally Living It Up.
Today was a particularly heinous work day, and it came hot on the heels of a particularly miserable one, so I’m looking forward to the weekend when – I have heard it reported – it will be sunny and warm!
Daylight Saving also begins in less than a month’s time so I’ll have a bit longer to snap my outfit shot before the Dreaded Automatic Flash kicks in.

21 thoughts on “Black, White & Red All Over

  1. Beautiful!

    I'm visiting Melbs for a working holiday, and it's been amazing for fash inspiration! I forgot how amazing Melbs ladies are and how their taste in shoes is beyond any other city!

    I, too, have heard of this lovely weekend approaching! Can't wait!

  2. Damn girl, you so fiiiiine!

    I saw that dress at Myer (on sale but it's too warm for Bris-Vegas weather) and thought it was gorgeous. Wish I'd bought it now, you look beautiful.

    I wish I could accessorise like you. Maybe you could provide tips to the clueless out there.

    Again, just fabulous.


  3. Outwil – the use of comments, looks and mindgames to deter another from the taking the last of an item that you want, be it chocolate, shoes at a sale etc. When one outwils another they make that person believe that they independently decided that the shoes were too expensive, the chocolate too fattening etc. Leaving the item ready for the outwiller.

    Now Lilli, this Basque dress you are wearing, I have not seen anywhere in Sydney. Mind you, my local Myer seems to believe that anyone under a size 14, wants to run around town with their boobs out and anyone over a size 14 is a Mediterranean grandmother going to a wedding. Beautiful dress, I covet it and would definitely outwil someone if I saw it anywhere.

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