What a hoot!

Shoes: Ben Sherman @ SoleStruck
Bangle: Phillipa
Last week a pretty little package came in the mail for me – It was my Swapapalooza gift and it came from Liz or “Betty Jo” of Lino Forest:
It contained a delightful little owl brooch and a mix CD full of some fantastically appropriate breakup songs! I’ve been hollering them out in the car for days now, thanks so much, Liz!
I’ve seen the Betty Jo range before on Georgie Love, and her quirky style is immediately recognisable. I love that each piece is a one-off and that they’re made from little bits and pieces with lots of history.
Check out the Lino Forest Corner Shop which features the “Lino Deco” range that I’m lusting after at the moment.

14 thoughts on “What a hoot!

  1. Look at me – the first to comment! I love the dress and belt combo – how I envy your waist…I have a rather alarming tummy that disallows waist beltage altogether 🙁 I think I need to get a little more creative with wide hip belts though – do you, oh lilli online guru, know anywhere reasonable online for me to find them? (live in London)
    Keep posting, how else will I procrastinate during work hours?

  2. I LOVE your shoes, so nice, they seem at the same time modern and vintage. Love, love, love.
    And you Mum can wear them too, the colors are very closed her last outfit !

  3. I love your blog and your clothes ! You are my fashion guide . I am french girl and I am fall in love with every outfit.

  4. Oh, I never get tired of seeing those shoes. This outfit is one of my favourites – I am a green and black junkie. Love the brooch and glad you do too!

  5. such understated elegance!
    you look beautiful

    love Betty Jo and all her eclecticv pieces shes one brillant designer!

  6. Hi, long time lurker, first time commenter!

    I absolutely loved the shoes in the pic, just a question – are they comfy? I even checked them out on Solestruck and am not far away from purchasing – if you could let me know how they go after a day I'd love you forever!

    Cheers and thanks for the lovely blog, it's such a pleasure to read.

  7. Hi Gypsy – I do love a wide hip belt – really flattering on so many girls. Obviously you know that both Evans and Dorothy Perkins do an excellent range of belts. Annoyingly the trend seems to be towards waist belts at the moment but you could also try City Chic (http://www.citychiconline.com) or Dream Diva (http://www.dreamdiva.com.au)

    Thanks SingaporeSling & Sarah!

    Sally, how could you NOT love the brooch, right? You must have the hardest time not pocketing all the GeorgieLove goodies yourself!

    Thanks Sarah-Jo & Sandra

    Yay Betty-Jo, Thanks so much for it, and the CD – they're wonderful.

    Thanks Cathryn!

    Thanks Luinae – American Eagle do the best knickers and they have a clearance shop in Melbourne's Essendon DFO – I went in to get some more knickers and they were selling the belts for $4.50 so I couldn't resist…

    ana b. That's what I love about the shoes! There's more to them than meets the eye!

    Hi Andie – I have a very poor tolerance for high heels, but I find these perfectly wearable. The wedge is great – very sturdy and not TOO tall.

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