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Cardigan: Barkins
Boots: Duo
Belt: Portmans
Thankyou to everyone who messaged and emailled to give me their support – I’m healthy and getting happier by the day.
One little quirk about me is that when I’m upset, or feeling like things are spiraling out of control I got on this mad cleaning urge. It’s apparently something I inherited from my mum – the psychologist – who puts it down to a) you can tangibly “fix” a messy house, even if you can’t fix the other crap that’s going on in your life, and b) it keeps your mind off other things.
I find it really therapeutic, so after I finished my work today I set about doing some of those odd little jobs that keep getting put off, and halfway through this last one I occurred to me what a wonderful metaphor it was for what’s going on in my life.
Outside my bedroom where I take my wardrobe pictures I have a little potted Lilly Pilly tree (hey, I just googled it and found out that the botanical name for the Lilly Pilly tree; Acmena, actually comes from the Greek word meaning “bountiful” or “buxom” – how’s that for perfectly descriptive of your blogger?).
The tree’s been sickening for a while now, and when I asked my mum (also a gardener extraordinaire) what I should do she said that the problem was one of two things. Either it’s simply done its dash and has reached the end of its life, or it needs to be yanked up out of the pot, have its roots and branches well pruned and repotted into new potting mix.
This is basically what’s happening to me.
Something in my life has been very unhealthy for a while, and on Sunday it hit make-or-break time. I’m doing some pruning and repotting, but whether or not it survives I am happy that the changes are being made.

18 thoughts on “Treechange

  1. I just commented on the previous post, but I'll comment again. I hope everything is ok, and if you need to talk, you can email me or msg me on Vogue if you'd like.

  2. You have a lovely way with words and that whole post was both beautiful and painful to read. I wish you all the best and hopefully I can see you on Sunday – though if not I completely understand. While it's the least of your concerns, that is a stunning outfit as well. *hugs* and more *hugs*. Fiona xo

  3. Ooo poppet, I hope everything in Lili-land is ok or getting ok. If you need anyone to get drunk with, I'm your gal! ( I make a marvelous Very Gin-y Caterpillar drink!)
    Sending you massive hugs.
    p.s- I have thought for a while now that maybe you should write the kiddies books as well as sell them! This beautiful post just confirms that more.

  4. All the best, i hope things work out for you…I clean when i'm upset too…then eat:) your outfit is lovely!

  5. i agree with your mom's advice on all counts and i'm happy you go on cleaning sprees when you feel upset 'cuz in general i just wallow in how messy things are, which neither fixes anything tangible nor takes my mind off the intangible. your way is much healthier. 🙂

    i have no idea why the buxom lilli pilli of this blog is in need of repotting but i wish you only the most wonderful journey and the happiest ending. 🙂

  6. So glad you are feeling better. It sounds like you're going through some complicated things, but everything in this life is transient, right? This too shall pass?

  7. ps: you look lovely as ever in that outfit. a very adorable and meaning-laden pose too. 🙂

  8. Gosh, my heart has sunk reading this post.

    I am sending lots of positve thoughts out there for you Lilli. You know you're well love and respected here and we'll all be here waiting for you when you are ready for us.

    IF there is even one thing that we can possibly do for you please let us know. Take care xxxx

  9. Much love to you my friend.

    If it makes you feel better… you look beautiful in this outfit.

    By far my favourite ensemble to date. Love, love, love. xx

  10. Oh doll. Your way with words, your way with fashion – you are a treasure and never forget that.

  11. You look beautiful, and I'm sorry you're feeling less than awesome at the moment. Everyone needs a good pruning now and then.
    A lot of your blog followers may never have met or will meet you, but you've touched so many of our lives – mine in particular. Seeing your curvy self rocking such gorgeous threads has done more for my own self esteem than I can tell you.
    Basically, whatever is challenging you at the moment – know that you are loved.

  12. Sorry that you are having a rough time at the moment. Hope things are on the improve soon.

    On another note, have you already repotted that lillypilly? I'm guessing from the colour of the soil that you may have already done so. If not, it may possibly have beetle grubs eating the roots which is why it's looking so sickly. Theoretically, with fresh soil and trimmed roots you should be able to keep the tree in a pot (maybe go up a size?) for a while yet. Give it a bit of mulch too so it doesn't dry out.

    Off-topic I know but you did say you were keeping yourself distracted …

  13. Thanks everyone for your messages. I can't tell you all how much it helps to hear your friendly voices.

  14. Lilli, sometimes we need turbulence in our life to force us out of our comfort zone and to make those changes that in our sub conscious mind we have known for some time need to be made.

    Knowing this of course, doesn't make it any easier, so I'm sending hugs and thoughts your way to help the bumpy ride.

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