Red, White & Blue

Cardigan: BigW
Boots: Rocket Dog
Even though a vastly vast quantity of my clothing seems to by either red, white or blue (how patriotic of me!) it seems to be all summer getup because a week or so ago I bought some fabulous “ahoy there” sailor earrings from NinaRibena at Tango & James and today was the first time I actually wore them!
Here’s a closer look:
I love them, they’re totally comfortable to wear – lovely and light – but they’re big and make a great statement.
I’m waiting for my next fancy-dress invitation so I can wear them with my Bettie Page Captain Dress!

6 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue

  1. Oh wow! I love those earrings. They're so nautical and cute. You have amazing skin, lovely! What's your secret? I think it's just good genes!

  2. Thanks everyone! I love me red white and blue! Bring on spring and summer, I anticipate wearing the hell out of these earrings during the warmer months.

    Street Etiquette – yep, lucky genetics. My Mum's European and pale as pale can be, but my Dad's Asian, so I ended up with pale smooth skin. But I also scored weak teeth and dreadful eyesight, so it's a bit of a lottery. Plus when I get a spot it stands out like a beacon going "wah! wah! wah! look at me!"

  3. Ooooh oooh, yay!!! Thank you for wearing my earrings on your blog… they look so fabulous on you! xxx

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