Bringing Sexy Back

Vest: Barkins
Skirt: Sussan
For a variety of reasons I needed to feel sexy today. 
Problem is I also had to look like I wasn’t trying too hard. I had to be casual, comfortable and carefree. I had to look like I’d simply thrown on whatever came to hand – exceedingly difficult, because let me assure you I’m always trying hard.
I compromised with myself by “dressing down” in a denim skirt and my favourite striped-shirt-and-drapey-vest combo but secretly, underneath my pedestrian could-care-a-whit outfit, I’m wearing this:

Luxembourg Balconnet silk Bra & Midi briefs: Pleasure State VIP range

Lace-topped stay-up stockings : Secrets in Lace
I’m not quite reckless enough to post a picture of myself in my unmentionables in the internet, but rest assured; that little smile on my face? it says “don’t underestimate me – I may look sweet and nice, but underneath I’m as strong as they come”.

11 thoughts on “Bringing Sexy Back

  1. Hey Lil! Thanks for the info on the top, skirt, boots and underwear, but you didn't tell us what that new attitude you're wearing is? Secrets of the sex kitten in sublime underwear, you say? Well, nobody pulls it off better than you, girlfriend!

  2. Hot hot vest action! And something about wearing luxurious lingerie underneath casual clothes…whoah!

    I've passed 4 awards onto you, gorgeous.

  3. what a great way to do this! i mean its almost even more sexy this way since its a little secret you (ok and everyone that reads this blog!) knows that underneath the cute casual outfit RARR! heehee yeah i think thats something i could learn to do for myself! im not too good at being ok with being outwardly sexy

  4. Thanks girls, I'm trying! Life's still leaning towards the unbearable at the moment, but it's always the best pick-up when I check my emails and read your loving and supportive comments! Honestly? You lot are keeping me sane right now!

    Thank you SO much, ana b.! Yay! Blog awards!

    elena-lu, it's such a nice feeling, very decadent.

  5. You know I really want to say 'I wanna get into Lili's pants' but I don't know if that's wrong!
    Still, very nice matching bra and pants. What is it about matching underwear that makes a girl feel oh-so-good!

  6. wowee wow, that's some mighty sexy lingerie under that "dressed down" little number! 😀 i love the lace stockings pic you posted too, but most especially i love seeing that confident, sexy, strong woman smirk all across your face. ^_^

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