Luxe Deluxe

Top: Jacqui E

Pants: Dream Diva

Oooh, I do so love a bit of lace and there’s plenty appearing in the shops at the moment. It looks like our upcoming autumn/winter fashions are going to keep on with the ultra-feminine trend that started over spring and summer with the full skirts and florals.

Lace has this reputation for being fussy and old-fashioned, but I actually think it’s a wonderful way of glamming up an ordinary outfit.

Belt: Fiorelli

A season or so ago the only lace item I could find was Kiyonna’s “Boudoir” Lace Dress which, frankly, disappointed. This season though, I’m loving the subdued touches of lace: a little frill around the collar, a band at the hem.

I (obviously) particularly love this season’s look of sheer lace shoulders.

I think I’ve nailed down what makes a lace item successful in my books. First, the lace needs to be relatively fine (Take note, Kiyonna: Stretchy underwear quality lace Need Not Apply).

So-called eyelash lace is my current fave, which is why I particularly love this Fayreform Bra:


Try Jacqui E for a couple of really nice pieces that use eyelash lace.

Second rule of thumb is: All things in Moderation. A little lace inset is so much more wearable than a full lace ensemble:

Of course, all rules were made to be broken:

Grace Hill @ EziBuy

Of course, if the idea of wearing lace clothing just fills you with dread, here’s a few even more discreet pieces that prove that lace isn’t just for your Nana’s hankies:

6 thoughts on “Luxe Deluxe

  1. Lovely Lace!

    and gorgeous hair, you look so sassy in that second pic hubba hubba as my 4yr old son would say hahahaahaha
    nah he wouldnt say that as he thinks girls have germs 🙂

    Thanks for the luvees tip too

  2. Lace is one of my favorite things – I love it as a small detail or as the main event. And that lace cardigan is to die for.

  3. Ooooh, I love a bit of lace too! Same as you, in fact, you might have inspired me to look into the lace around the hemline thing…it might help me out a bit when I can’t find tops that sit quite low enough.

    Gotta ask, which embody jeans are you wearing in pic 2 (I think it’s pic 2!) they look ab fab and just what I’m looking for i.e. not too tight around bottom of leg.

  4. Aren’t they fab, kellytubbie? They’re my new jeans, and I’ll be reviewing them in the next few days, but they’re the Fever style.
    Definitely check out the lace hemline thing – it’s so easy to remodel your own tops like that anyway, and I love how it looks.

  5. Oh cool! I just bought a pair of fevers off ebay…they might be a tad small for me just at the mo. but judging by measurements they should hopefully fit by winter!

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