Mix ‘n Match

Boots: Boots For Broads http://www.bootsforbroads.com/
Yep, sorry, it’s those boots again. I just can’t get enough of them! Red boots! Red boots!

At least I’m trying something a little different with my patterns and prints.
Apparently this season is all about mixing and matching: florals with polkadots, paisley with stripes, leopard print with… actually I can’t imagine pairing leopard print with anything.

Today I thought I’d start small; a striped long-sleeved top, and a polkadot scarf.

It’s baby steps in to the great unknown world of unmatched prints.
I’ve been doing it with presents too, and my little stash of Christmas Gifts is looking soooo stylish, I can’t bear to think of them being unwrapped.
The wrapping paper pack came from Ikea (www.ikea.com.au) which means that they came ready-made to be mixed and matched, and I guess that’s the secret to sucessfully mixing and matching prints. Start with something familiar and comfortable to you (i.e. red white and blue) and you won’t feel too hodge podge.
(even as a tot, Lilli knew that red, white and blue was a set of
colours that would serve her well for years to come)

5 thoughts on “Mix ‘n Match

  1. Lilli, you look fabulous as ever! I can imagine you wrapping yourself up with a spotty ribbon and “PRESENTING” yourself to your partner on Chrissy!! Haa.

    I love the pressies as well. I usually do something special for friends gifts (though this year I’ve actually tried to be enviro concious and given them green (pink, light blue or purple) shopping bags instead of gift bags!) It’s wasted on my family though. My brothers usually have plastic bags under the tree and mum is wrapping hers as the visitors arrive! Oh well at least the boyfriend appreciates his!

    And as for your cute as a button baby pic.. I think I’d have known it was you in a competition. YOu’ really haven’t changed at all. Cute cute cute!

  2. Ok lilli i need to know how long ago you got your skirt from sussan!!! Last time you posted i decided i needed one, your post today has said yup i NEED one…


  3. Hi deborah-lee, Oooh, I love the idea of a spotty ribbon belt for Christmas. Hmn. Maybe the next DIY project…

    Julie I bought the skirt about 6 month ago – I loved the flap pockets on the back. If you’re still looking for a great denim skirt though I hear really positive things about the Embody denim skirt. They pop up on Natalie’s eBay shop at half-rice from time to time:

    Thanks, “anonymous”! Nope, I take the photos myself on the trusty timer!

    Thanks Erin! I can’t get enough of them either!

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