Stalled at the gate

I was looking at some simple a-line skirts over the weekend, and thinking “God that looks easy. I bet even I could make that skirt with my rudimentary seam-sewing skills.”

So today, I took myself up on the challenge, and bought some fabulous retro-print material from Ikea (it’s called “Fialena“, which I think sounds like a supporting role in a Rossini opera). It was only $12.95, so if it’s a disaster it’s not the end of the world.

But I just got it home, and I already have my first speed bump.

Which way to make the skirt?

So I’m hoping that you, my beautiful little fashionistas, will offer your own suggestions on the following:




The last option is borrowed from the fantastic Ninaribena of – for a proper idea of what it’ll look like – rather than a tucked-into-waistband-of-knickers idea check out Nina’s post:

I’m going to buy a pattern after all instead of just winging it, so you have until Sunday to get your votes in (Just comment a, b, c, d or e in the comments section). Then – unless it looks like a complete dog’s breakfast – I’ll post the finished result some time next week. Prolly.
Wish me luck!!

27 thoughts on “Stalled at the gate

  1. I think a or b. I think with the circles up, the two big circles highlight your hips – not that your hips are huge or anything, but I think the circles down are more flattering, as the pattern then goes in the at the waist and out at the bottom. If that makes sense…

  2. mmm, i think b is my favourite – i just made the trip to lincraft to find a pattern for a SIMPLE aline skirt – none to be found. would love to know if you have any luck finding one. can’t wait to see the finished product – i’m sure whichever way you decide, it will look fantastic!

  3. Thank you for the link – so glad to be a bit of an inspiration! What fabulous fabric and a wonderful conundrum to have! In my humblest opinion – If you are going to do a gathery skirt similar to mine, I would use the pattern as in option B, so the dots are used to maximum effect. But if you are going A-line, then I’m totally loving option D.

    I should add that the skirt I made was done with no pattern – I measured my waist, made a ridiculously wide waist band, then gathered a full width of the fabric into the waist band, add a zip in the skirt, and hooks and eyes in the waistband, hem, then you’re done. Best of luck, though I just know it will look brilliant how ever you do it!

    Nina x

  4. I like C most of all, followed closely by D!

    Aren’t IKEA fabrics the best? I’m having similar issues with one of their fabrics myself… I’ve got the one with the giant heart print all over it, and I’m not sure which way should be “up” and which should be down.

    Looking forward to seeing which option you take!

  5. C, D & E are all really good. I didn't like A or B =/

    Yay you for making your own funky skirt 🙂 Here's hoping you get bored of it really quickly so i can steal it shortly after 😀

    p.s. have booked my flight, will see you on the 14th Dec.

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