Blow, blow

Dress: Dorothy Perkins http://www.dorothyperkins.com/
Today Melbourne’s suffering a strong hot wind – what my Mum used to refer to as “Dragon’s Breath”.
It’s dry and forceful and gusty and exactly the sort of weather you don’t want to wear a dress out into, unless you envisage a Marilyn-Monroe-in-The-Seven-Year-Itch moment.
But, damnit, I just received my first ever Dorothy Perkins (http://www.dorothyperkins.com/) order, and come hell or high water I was going to wear something from it.
I’m not sure whether I’m completely sold on Dorothy Perkins. I bought a few things in my first order – an unmemorable striped top, a rather adorable belt, an unwearable blouse that’s as comfortable as a shirt made out of tinsel and this cute dress.
It’s made of a dense jersey (not the thin clingy kind that you find in most stores) and the cut’s great, even if I may have been a bit ambitious with my sizing. The back is a lovely deep vee, which means I can’t wear my beloved Unbelievabra, but it does help cool off on nasty hot days like today.
The clothes at Dorothy Perkins are wonderfully stylish, and classic. I’m pretty impressed with the quality, and I’m delighted that there aren’t two ranges: one for “normal” girls, and one for the rest of us. Everything comes in sizes from 6 to 22.
Watch out for hem lengths though – I have it on good authority that the models they use online must be midgets, because the hems hit a few inches north of where you expected them to be.
The good news is that their prices are excellent, and their shipping (ten pounds flat rate for international orders) puts US stores like Kiyonna and Torrid to shame. It took exactly seven days to reach me.
Keep your eyes peeled for my new belt and top, too. They’re burning a hole in my wardrobe (along with a new pair of Embody’s and some red(!) knee-high boots)

5 thoughts on “Blow, blow

  1. Ooohhh, cute dress. From what I can tell, it would be easy to dress in colder weather as well with boots and tights 🙂

  2. awesome dress – looking forward to seeing your other new purchases too!

    I’ve been thinking of placing an order with Dorothy Perkins (TOTALLY in love with a long yellow sequinned drapey top!) – how did you find the sizes in relation to Oz sizes?

  3. Thanks, Sarah! It’s definitely a multi-seasonal dress! I can’t wait to team it with boots (mnnnnn…. boooooots)

    Hi Abi – well I wear a 16-18 in Australian sizes, and I bought this in an 18. It’s prolly a leetle small – It looks like Dorothy Perkins’ size chart might be spot-on, believe it or not!

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