Welcome! Welcome! Come one, come all!

So, due to popular demand I’m setting up a fashion blog to share my finds with fellow curvy girls, and stylish fashionistas.

Some things about me are:

* My name is Lilli.
* I live in Melbourne, Australia, and my favourite thing is to be asked “Where did you get THAT?”.
* I have a penchant for silly shoes, and beautiful bags.
* I spend vast quantities of time shopping for clothes, but when it’s time to get dressed in the morning, I invariably have nothing to wear.
* I sell children’s books, and think publishing is the best industry in the world to work in (because no-one makes any money in books, everyone who works with them is doing it out of love).
* I come from a large family, and though I live in a different city, I’m still comfortably entangled in my Mum’s apron strings.
* I’m one half of a Dink (double income, no kids) but I secretly wish to be a Dinkwad (double income, no kids, with a dog) at least until I feel groan-up enough to share my shelves of kids books with someone closer to their target market.
* I have an almost infallible sense of direction (inherited from my Dad, and what the family refers to as our “bump”) and a completely fallible sense of balance.
* I prefer Operas that end in weddings, to those that end in funerals, and finally,
* I have a secret stash of romance novels that I’m a little embarassed about.

Oh, and I have little to no self-control when it comes to indulging myself!

I hope you enjoy your visit!

8 thoughts on “Welcome! Welcome! Come one, come all!

  1. Ooo, you’re in publishing? I must pick your brains about it, I’m looking to get into publishing (while attempting to write, sigh) and Brisbane is crap for that.

    – Sonya
    (No More Mumus)

  2. Yep, I’m a sales rep for the kids publisher Walker Books (think Maisy, Where’s Wally and Guess How Much I Love You)
    What area of publishing did you want to work in?

  3. Hi Lilli, great blog, will bookmark and check back often. I have always loved reading your posts at vogue and all the advice and great shopping links you give!

  4. Dinkwad! That’s what I am! (Our dog is a staffy and she is very cute but quite cheeky). We also live in an inner suburb with a small backyard so she is mostly an inside dog, which she likes. Inspired by your blog, I have performed a wardrobe audit and made a list of funky little outfits, and stuck it to the wardrobe door so I can breeze out the door of a morning looking natty.

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