Retrostyle (in the Rain)


Beret: Scala Pronto from Scally & Trombone

Dress: Bettie Page Captain Dress (

Shoes: Poetic Licence (

Hurrah! Remember how I was talking about those Eureka! moments when something you’ve ordered from the internet arrives, and actually fits perfectly? Well I had another of those earlier last week when my Bettie Page Captain Dress arrived from the delightful West Side Sinners (
Bought ostensibly for a friend’s Fancy Dress party later in October I had high hopes that this dress would toe the line between just enough and too much when it came to this season’s Nautical trend. And you know what? I think it really does. Bettie Page is now doing up to a size 3X, which is great news for the curvier among us as there’s some gorgeous treats available among their range. And – like a lot of retro-style dresses – they look even better with some padding underneath.
Another brand to watch out for is Stop Staring ( who go also go up to a 3X.
I bought this one from Unique Vintage who, at time of writing, offer a 15% discount with the code myspace.
Headband: Diva (

Dress: Stop Staring – From Unique Vintage (

Shoes: Poetic Licence (

A quick Google proves that Stop Staring is stocked pretty much everywhere, but some other retailers to try are: Daddy-O’s (, Pin-Up Girl Clothing (, Bear Flag Republic ( and Pin-Up Parade ( A special nod to Pin-Up Parade who give excellent customer service, and dress-specific measurements – A godsend for internet shoppers.

9 thoughts on “Retrostyle (in the Rain)

  1. Hello, love your look and wish I had the confidence to follow your lead! Just wondering how you got shoes from Poetic Licence. As far as I can see, they don’t ship OS.

  2. Hi Sarah – doesn’t she?! I think that’s what convinced me that I. Must. Have.
    Ms Creosote – I’ve found the Poetic Licence shoes in a few random shoe shops along Brunswick St in Melbourne. These came from The Shoe Fitz (265 Brunswick St Fitzroy)
    There are a few Aussie stockists – you could try Google Australia. Failing that there’s always eBay
    both have a decent range. Sizing can be a bit squiffy though, so I’d definitely recommend trying them on if you can find a shop that has them.

  3. Oh. My. God. Both dresses look utterly fabulous on you!!! (so fabulous you deserve three exclamation marks).

    Stop making me want to spend money, damnit! 😀

    – Sonya
    (No More Mumus)

  4. lol! Enable, enable, enable! They’re great dresses. The Stop Staring in particular is wildly comfortable. You should treat yourself!

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