If you’re only going to buy one pair of jeans…

Svoboda Renee
I find it somewhat ironic that jeans are the most important – and reputably the most comfortable – item in the modern wardrobe.

I mean, denim’s a tough, unforgiving fabric and trousers can be restrictive. Badly fitting jeans are difficult to get on, have to be constantly hitched up, are agony to sit in for long periods of time. They were designed to be the uniform for factory workers, and it wasn’t until the 50’s that they became popular with the general populace.

Nowadays everyone has to have a pair of jeans: Bootleg, slouch, boyfriend, skinnys, flare, highwaisted, hipster – the list goes on.

I’ve spent hours, days, months of my life looking for the one pair of jeans that fit comfortably, and look good, too – and I’m sure I’m not alone in the hunt.

Well, today I’m here to tell you. If you were going to buy just one pair of jeans, these are the jeans to get.

Svoboda Denim http://www.svobodastyle.com/ was created by Jessica Svoboda as the first premium denim range specifically designed for the plus-sized woman.

This means that when you buy a pair of Svoboda jeans you’re buying jeans that are cut to accommodate a fuller thigh and a bigger butt. But that doesn’t mean they’re big all over, they’re just curvier; they won’t swim around your waist, and the legs don’t meander off down the street and around the corner.

Here’s what makes Jessica’s jeans so great:

1. They fit high at the back, so you don’t flash your knickers every time you bend over:

Svoboda Simone Skinnies

2. BUT, they’re cut low at the front so they still look like hip young jeans, not elastic waisted nana-pantsSvoboda Simone Skinnies

3. Don’t ask me how, but somehow this high-low curved waistband completely eliminates all potential muffin-tops.

4. She has all the current styles and washes – from trouser jeans to sailor jeans. Skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, black emo jeans

Svoboda Eleanor

4. She has big back pockets that sit low on your butt, giving the illusion of a cute, round, pert ass
Svoboda Eleanors

5. The denim is the softest, most comfortable, most “I’ve worn these every day for the last six years, so the fabric feels like butter” denim on the market, but at the same time they’re not swimming in spandex, so they don’t loose their shape too easily.
Svoboda Annie Back Flap Pocket jeans
6. They come in regular and tall leg lengths, so you don’t automatically have to get the hemmed the second they arrive

Svoboda Annie Back Flap Pocket

They don’t last forever – the trade-off for having deliciously soft denim is that they do wear out between the old thighs. If you’re regularly washing them and tumble drying every week then they won’t hold their shape as well as, say, the Embody range. Recently I’ve been finding that the zip rolls itself down (but this is easily remedied with a simple hair elastic looped through the zipper head and around the button).

What I can promise you though, is that you won’t find a more comfortable, hotter looking, better fitting pair of jeans than those offered by Svoboda.

So, here’s where you buy them:

http://www.svobodastyle.com/ is Jessica’s online shop, and she has the biggest range. She also – sometimes – sells on eBay, from her account “Svobodawarehouse“.

The best place to go for your Svoboda jeans though is Cherished Woman http://www.cherished-woman.com/ Nancy provides the absolutely best customer service of anywhere – she’s friendly, informative, and gives a 20% discount for Australian buyers with the code CHERISHED

8 thoughts on “If you’re only going to buy one pair of jeans…

  1. Hi Katy, I’m incorrigible, that’s how!
    No, hopefully it’s not as a bad as it actually looks – these jeans were all bought over a period of about 4 years. I only have two pairs currently hanging in the wardrobe (like I said, they wear out, and as my weight has fluctuated many pairs have either been retired, resold on eBay, or inherited by my sister). It must be admitted though, I have seven pairs of jeans doing the rotation at the moment: 2 x Svoboda’s, 3 x Embodies, 1 x NYDJ and 1 x Piper Jeans.
    Is that bad? It’s probably bad.

  2. hi lilli – i absolutely love your blog and follow it religiously but don't comment very often. i have to come out of lurkerhood to thank you for this svoboda tip. i decided to chance a couple of purchases from her sample sale and i am IMPRESSED. i had no idea comfortable jeans that looked good were not an oxymoron! i also ordered the charlayne denim skirt — and my years-long search for the perfect jeans skirt is OVER. i'm wearing it right now because i can't take it off! thanks!

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