Denim and Dots

DSCF2663_2 DSCF2667 DSCF2673_2DSCF2678_2

Top: Big W

Jacket: Embody Denim

Belt: Asos

Skirt: YesStyle

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Woohoo! I finally bought myself a tripod today, so I should be able to start blogging some more recent outfit shots soon, but first here’s another of my pending posts from Melbourne.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve never really been a denim jacket kind of girl. Generally speaking they’re are very casual and a little shapeless; and with my narrow shoulders and full bust I find that most of the time they make me look butch and masculine. Plus, I can never figure out what I’m supposed to wear them with: To me “casual” means “jeans”, but I’m pathologically afraid of double denim, so I’d never wear a denim jacket with denim jeans.

However, every rule has an exception, and Embody’s “Embrace” denim jacket seems to buck the trend of shapeless, androgynous denim jackets.

It has a curvy silhouette emphasised by a heavily panelled design that is reminiscent of a gored skirt. The mandarin collar and curved pockets lends it an elegance that’s lacking in traditional denim jackets.

I teamed it with my Yesstyle skirt to give the sweetness-and-light combo of pink polkadots and tulle a bit more of a edge.

The shoulders still sit a little broad for me, and the jacket doesn’t really work as well done up (but that’s probably my Rack O Doom). The pale “vintage” blue is a good hue to team with summer dresses as a cover-up in the evening, but the jacket’s also available in an Ink colour that would work in the colder months.

DSCF2671Necklace: Made By Emily Green

Also new in today’s post – I finally managed to make a decision on which of the delicious Made By Emily Green polymer bead necklaces I was going to make my own!

I snaffled up this beauty at the last Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne, and I’m beyond delighted. The black and white woven cord, brass and wooden elements, and patterned and glitter enhanced beads makes it very different from my own slightly bodgy DIY‘d take on her traditional bead necklaces. I like that her styles are developing and evolving, and they way she puts colours together is awe inspiring.


Peaches And Cream

DSCF2358_2 DSCF2360_2 DSCF2363_2 DSCF2365_2

Top: Princess Highway

Skirt: YesStyle

Belt: Glassons

Shoes: Chie Mihara

It’s spring, it’s spring, it’s spring! Blossoms! Sunshine! Daylight savings!

I’m not naive enough to think that it will last (this is Melbourne, after all) but I’m taking full advantage while it does, by cracking out this pretty new skirt from YesStyle and equally pretty blouse from Princess Highway.

The blouse appears to only be available online in the black, but try dropping into a store, because it’s definitely available in cream too.

DSCF2369_2 I love the wide, collared neckline, and the way the blouse fastens at the back with a string of buttons. The cotton fabric is very light, and vaguely sheer, but textured with little nobbly dots that are repeated in the skirt (because you can never overdo polkadots)

I was really pushing my luck with the skirt. At AUD$58 it’s probably one of the more expensive items on the YesStyle website, and its description as being appropriate for plus-sizes is kind of laughable. The “XL” (which is the size I bought) measures a scanty 74cms at the waist – unstretched – which (refreshingly) is exactly what the website says it should. Hurrah! Stretched, it can reach 100cms (just), which makes it the smallest largest-plus-size-size-available that I’ve ever encountered.

Still, it was big enough to fit (just) and it was actually lovely quality, so I’m prepared to make it a “win”. The underskirt is a silky polyester that needs liberal squirts of Statique to make sure it’s not clinging to your legs like a hungry cat. The tulle overskirt is  of a very fine netting – light and sheer – with embroidered polkadots that have been sewn through the netting, so they won’t peel off after a few wears.


You definitely need a belt to cover the elasticised waistband, and the skirt came with an extra few inches of netting that I snipped off because I didn’t like the extra length, so it’s not perfect, but it’s still pretty darn cute.

Of course, the sizes are minuscule, which is kind of par for the course at YesStyle, but I found a couple of custom-make options on Etsy.


This polkadot tulle skirt from PrinceCharmant is a lovely piece, with a double layer of tulle over a cotton underskirt. I love the ribbon waistband, which does up in a pretty bow at the back. The largest size listed is a US14/UK18, but the buyer offers custom sizing as well.


If it’s the blush colour you’re loving, then I’m about two heartbeats away from finally succumbing to buying one of Fanfaronada’s tea length tutus. This blush version is just one of 25 equally scrumptious colour options. I think the dove grey ensemble with the silk blouse is just perfection.