School Marm

Dress: Vintage via eBay

Shoes: Wittner

This dress is an oldie in both senses of the word – You haven’t seen it before, but it’s been sitting in my wardrobe since May, waiting for warm enough weather to wear it. It’s also vintage – probably from the 1950’s or 60’s with all the details that make vintage dresses so special (like lining, self covered belts, and a funny little zipper at the back that seems to be for making the neckline big enough to pull the dress over your head without mussing your beehive)

It came from eBay seller The Atomic Starr, and I fell in love with it the moment I clapped eyes on it. I was delighted to discover it would actually fit and I’ve been looking forward to showing it off since it arrived.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a long, cold, wet winter, and the wide collar on the dress doesn’t play well with cardigans so it hasn’t had much airtime since it arrived.

It came with a vintage brooch that looks very authentic, but also a bit tired, so I swapped it over for the Wizard of Oz Brooch that my darling sister gave me.

Brooch:  David Loong


Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan: Eugenie Cashmere

Skirt: Vintage via Bombshell Vintage

Shoes: Chie Mihara via eBay

I was trying to describe the print on this wonderful nubbly wool skirt to someone, and the best I could come up with was “not quite tweedy, not a tartan really. Vaguely floral. Well, not really. Lots of colours.” When I showed them a picture they said “It looks like the view through a kaleidoscope”, which sums it up pretty neatly for me.

I loved kaleidoscopes as a child, but the ephemeral nature of pattern always made me sad. Especially if I’d fluked on a particularly pretty one. But I suppose that’s the charm of a kaleidoscope, isn’t it?

Today I’m also wearing something familiar… and yet not so. Remember my much-loved, but somewhat tatty-looking heart balloon brooch?

Voila! A shiny new enamel version, generously gifted by Nadja at Smil to replace my felt one. Well… replace is such a nasty, final word. Let’s say “join” instead!

 Don’t Lose Your Heart Brooch: Smil

On a completely different topic, the lovely Ella who interviewed me for her blog “Tenant” has alerted me to a very worthy project that she’s involved with called “Piece By Piece“.

For every image uploaded onto the Piece By Piece mosaic Ford Australia will donate a dollar to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, then another dollar for every Facebook share and like. Up to $100,000. Pretty good.

Cancer’s been a bit too present in my life lately, and I’d like nothing more than to wipe its ugly presence from the face of the earth, so participating in this project was an easy no-brainer. If you can find my little tile in that great big picture you’ll see a previously unpublished picture of me taken by the Sophisticate on our first visit to our future wedding destination.

On this Wednesday (the 29th) I’m planning to make the trek up to the Queen Vic Market for  the Luna1878 festival so that I can contribute again to the project with their special Piece By Piece Photo Booth.

Maybe I’ll see you there.