Rainbow Connection


Dress: Vintage, remixed via bohemeroyal

Belt: Free with Bettie Page Clothing dress

Shoes: Melissa

I bought this dress way back in July, in anticipation of it finally getting warm enough in Melbourne to wear it, and today was the day! Thirty degrees! Wahoo!

I like a good chevron stripe, and the rainbow hues in this dress were irresistible. It seems to have been handmade as there aren’t any identifying labels and lots of helpful little details (like pockets!) that never seem to be a feature in shop-bought dresses.

When I got the dress it was a bit of an a-line tent with an unflattering high neckline and a complete lack of a waist.

I asked the local tailor of they could do anything about the neckline, and she quoted me $80 to bring it down to a more flattering depth. Considering the dress cost me $25 I thought I’d buy a packet of bias binding and have a stab at it myself. I’m pretty happy with the result.

I also inserted an elastic waistband to give some semblance of shape, and the result’s a comfortable seventies-chic cotton sundress that will go splendidly with the YELLOW SHOES that I finally managed to find today!

It also goes with my disco nails – the polish is part of OPI’s new “Muppet” themed range. The colour I’m wearing is called “Rainbow Connection” and it’s like the best, sparkly, confetti you’ve ever seen.





Blouse: Sportscraft

Cardigan: Glassons

Skirt: Thrifted via Savers

Belt: Glassons

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Sweater Guard: Vintage via Jackie D’s Retro Boutique

Glasses: Vintage via Donna’s Dress Shop

Handbag: From my Nana


Isn’t this a ladylike outfit? The midi skirt, the cardigan, the vintage sweater guards and cats-eye glasses, my Nana’s old handbag…

I’m doing my level best to channel the Melbourne Hipster Look today, but even with my most disaffected expression I think all I’m pulling off is “prim”. Never mind – I like it anyway.

I’ve discovered that this caramelly cardigan goes with every floral print in my wardrobe, so it’s getting A Lot Of Wear this season. I’ve been pleasantly surprised also that unlike my last Glassons cardigan this one hasn’t lost its shape at all despite repeated wearings. It still has to survive its first wash but so far so good.

I really didn’t NEED another cardigan when I bought this one, and it was the wrong size to boot, but I’m glad I managed to squeeze it into my wardrobe because it’s proving the best trans-seasonal piece to turn my summer-frocks into autumnal delights.

My wardrobe IS somewhat straining at the seams again though, so I’ve done another big cull and put a lot of pieces up on eBay if you’re interested. Not many dresses this time – Despite having, er, *goes to count* forty (FORTY?!) of them, apparently they’re all compulsory wearing.

Maybe I’ll do a winter-wear Frockapalooza…