Little Ray of Sunshine

Top: Portmans

Trousers: Asos

Shoes: Firetrap via eBay

I had the nicest day yesterday! I’ve just reached my 100,000 KM service (“only a hundred thousand?” asks The Sophisticate) so spent the morning at the optometrist and the dentist, but the afternoon and evening were free to spend with some of my favourite girls.

Two of my bridesmaids met me in town and we wandered around, had some lunch, had a manicure then came home and debriefed on the wedding plans, such as they are. We’ve decided on our dresses (no hints!) so that just leaves shoes, hair and accessories. All the frou-frou, such as it were. A third bridesmaid joined us in the evening for a sleep-over and after giving her a sneak-peek at everything I’ve got sorted for myself we went out and had laksa for dinner.

Our last bridesmaid’s a smidge younger than the others, so The Sophisticate and I thought we’d take the opportunity to educate her on the joys of 80’s fantasy movies with a screening of Willow which went down like a lead balloon. LOL, I guess some things just don’t get better with age! Still, I adore her, and I’m so happy to have her as part of my big day even if she doesn’t recognise true cinematic genius (“get your hair out of my face or I’ll chop it off”)

And wasn’t the weather DIVINE?

It’s nice to get sunshine and warm weather, even though as I write this, the rain is starting to fall outside again.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect yellow shoes. There’s a pretty good contender for the role at Wittner at the moment; a little too tight for my wide foot, but definitely the best I’ve seen yet.

Meanwhile I’m contenting myself with a plethora of yellow jewellery.

Earrings: Epiphanie

Necklace: Quick Brown Fox





Top: Portmans

Skirt: Mokkafiveoclock

Shoes: Melissa

For the last few months I’ve been looking at nautical red/white/blue ensembles with my usual longing.  It seems like such a nice warm weather combination.

This outfit was seriously inspired by one that I’ve seen on Etsy – a red skirt teamed with a navy and white striped top (the belt’s still a work-in-progress!)

I ended up swapping out the gathered a-line skirt for a circle skirt from Mokkafiveoclock.

It is BEAUTIFULLY made – fully lined and really well finished. It came incredibly fast (all the way from Poland!) and I was so impressed that I’m now seriously looking at getting one of her vintage floral dresses or floral skirts.

Meanwhile, I promised Bianca a closer view of these Melissa shoes:

I love how open they are at the sides. The platform soles and moulded wedge heel make them look MUCH higher than they really are. Win!