A Yen For It

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Top: Urbane at Myer

Skirt: GLM Fashion (remixed)

Shoes: Mollini

Necklace: DIY

So officially today’s outfit is both a DIY (the necklace) and a remix (the skirt), but mostly it’s a homage to one of my favourite outfits that I’ve seen on fellow blogger Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen.

I tried something similiarish in 2010, but the resulting outfit looked slightly prissy; cute, but definitely not casual enough for everyday wear.

Alison’s blush skirt and knotted t-shirt nailed it though, and the leopard-skin flats gave the whole outfit a quirky cool. It reignited my desire for ballerina skirts and striped tops, and when I found this striped top on sale at Myer I knew I was half-way there so I went on an eBay odyssey to find the perfect, floaty, skirt with which to team it.

In the end I bought a maxi chiffon skirt from GLM Fashion – no idea what possessed me to choose a maxi, and when it arrived i know the bottom half would have to go. I made a pretty slapdash attempt at hemming it shorter, and it honestly looks like a bit of a dog’s breakfast in the pictures, but it floats marvellously in person and you don’t notice the wonky hem when I’m walking.

It’s not bad quality for a cheapie item. It fits comfortably around the waist and isn’t frighteningly transparent. The waist isn’t a black strip of elastic, but a proper ruched waistband with the elastic inside. The blush colour is perfect ( I bought #2 “nude”, btw). I had to squirt the skirt liberally with Statique to stop it clinging to my legs but apart from that I can’t complain.


Meanwhile, on to the DIY component of today’s outfit…

If you’ve been to Japan you might find my necklace looks suspiciously familiar. It’s actually made of super-pretty 50-yen coins that I started stockpiling during my trip last year.

I got the idea after seeing this washer-and-ribbon project on Pinterest.

It was a quick and easy DIY after a few false starts (took me a while to get the threading correct so that the floral motif on the coins was always the side up). Surprisingly, it’s not an unbearably heavy necklace either, and I’ll never have to scramble for change in Tokyo again!

Aussie Curves: LBD

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Dress: Kay Em Kay

Belt: DIY

Shoes: Mollini

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the end of 2012, and are looking forward to a fun 2013.

2012 was a challenging year for me, full of ups and downs. I got married, I got promoted, my best friend had a gorgeous baby and I got to visit Japan for the first time. But there’s also been my sister’s diagnosis, which rocked the family to the core.

2013 is already shaping up to be a big year, but The Sophisticate and I spent at least the first day of it relaxing at home after a week of hectic travel hither and thither to see family both here in Victoria and up in the ACT.

I managed to get outrageously sunburnt in Canberra (life lesson: don’t drive your Dad’s convertible on a cloudless day unless you’re wearing sunscreen. No, not even for ten minutes) so I’ll be wearing high necks until the fetching seatbelt tan-line has faded from my cleavage. Shame, because I have a lovely new Sohomode dress I’m dying to show off!

This dress is a favourite on hot summer days, because of the open feature back. (Fortunately this wasn’t the dress I was wearing when I got sunburnt, or it might have resulted in a very peculiar tan)


I always like to wear this dress belted, so today teamed it with my DIY’d bow belt, which always teams up so nicely with teal ballet flats.


My hair’s inching towards being long enough to put up again, so I celebrated by wearing the great vintage earrings I picked up on Etsy.


Earrings: Gathersalot

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