Grey Gardens

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Dress: Kayemkay

Cardigan: Uniqlo

Tights: Walmart

Boots: Miz Mooz

This winter I seem to be wearing a lot of loose-fitting layers, and focussing more on comfort and volume in my outfits than my usual 50’s style frocks and fitted silhouettes .

My trend towards a more contemporary style is probably down to the fact that it’s been a good year for tights (BigW has had a great range of knit tights with interesting patterns and textures) and I think I’ve finally cracked the ankle-boot+wide-calf equation (the secret is having a bit of volume around the mouth of the boot).

I’ve got a few long cardigans in my wardrobe now, but I couldn’t resist adding this snuggly grey number when I saw it in Uniqlo recently. It looks great layered over the light floral dress from Kayemkay. Add fleece-lined tights and ankle boots and you’ve got a warm outfit that’s as stylish as it is comfortable.

I spent most of Saturday curled up in my sunroom with Suki on my lap, reading and mainlining cups of tea. Because the dress doesn’t crush at all (and somehow manages to also be cat-fur repellant) when the time came to leave for dinner all I had to do was relocate my lap warmer, dust myself off, and walk out the door. Then come back IN the door, get my umbrella, and leave again.


I wore it with my Made By Emily Green necklace, which added just the right amount of soft colour. I’m loving this season’s pastel palettes, but I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I just can’t wear them as successfully as I’d like to.

This braided side bun hairstyle is getting a lot of mileage at the moment as my hair’s starting to get a bit too long for most of my other favourite up-dos. Definitely time for a trim (or a whole new style?).


Stay tuned for my next hair tutorial! It looks way more complicated than it is.

Weekend Wear




Top: Karen Walker at Uniqlo

Cardigan: Glassons

Jeans: Old Navy

Boots: Miz Mooz

My lazy, lazy weekend uniform: jeans, a t-shirt, and a cardigan.

I’ve actually had a bit of a stressful week – with more to come! – so it was nice to have a relaxed few days at home.

Saturday morning I was invited by Erin at Take Off Skin & Body to come in and sample their Pure Radiance Facial.




I’ve never had a facial before, so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, but the therapist was wonderfully calm and relaxing. She walked me through the benefits of each of the products that she was using, and part of the service was a luxurious shoulder and neck massage that worked out the kinks and knots of stress that I’ve been carrying for the last few months.

I floated home, sat down on the couch, and promptly fell asleep for five hours. (I must have really needed it)

Saturday evening I indulged in a little of what Carly Findlay calls “Procrastibaking” and made the very excellent chocolate buttermilk cake from A Beautiful Mess, but this morning I decided I really needed to get off my lazy butt and start getting ready for my Next Big Adventure.

See how I just slipped that in there?

It’s hard to believe it’s true, but in two weeks time I’ll be flying out to New York to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with The Sophisticate. Hurrah! It’s been a long, long, loooong five months since I last saw him in June.

Before then though I have to pack up the house (again) and put stuff into storage (again) and I decided another eBay sale would have a good two-fold effect. One: I’d have less to put into storage, and two: I’d have a little bit of spending money over the Christmas period while I won’t be earning any money.

If you’re interested in taking a look here’s the link