Owled Over



Dress: Kayemkay

Cardigan: Gorman

Tights: Big W

Boots: Miz Mooz

Belt: Asos

We had good weather over the weekend. Lovely weather, in fact. Warm enough to do a load of washing and put it out on the line, so that’s what I did on Saturday.

Apart from my short stint in a share house last year I haven’t had a washing line since I left home; everywhere I’ve lived I’ve either used laundromats or a dryer. While it’s convenient to be able to dry things quickly despite the weather it’s HELL on your clothes, bad for the environment and I have to admit that I bizarrely missed the routine of hanging the washing out (not so much the mad dash to get it back OFF the line when you realise it’s started to rain).

The apartment building I live in now has a shared backyard with lots of half-wild plants, a saucy sculpture garden, and a big old washing line. Suki and I go out together (officially she’s an indoor cat, but she’s too adventurous to be content with the four walls of our apartment) and I hang the washing on the line while she prowls the fence line for interesting smells.

I love these little routines: hanging the washing with Suki, dropping off a few biscuits from every batch to the lovely old guy who lives downstairs, grabbing a coffee every day on the way to work, and knowing that I don’t even have to tell them what I want because I’m a regular. I feel like after living in four different places last year I’ve put down some fledgling roots in my new home. It makes me happy.


Owl brooch: Catrabbit

Also making me happy today is my favourite brooch from Melbourne-Craft-Goddess, CatRabbit. Her paired brooches are just so adorable, and work brilliantly as sweater clips and collar clips as well.

Town and Country

DSCF5513_2 DSCF5514_2 DSCF5519_2

 Cardigan: Glassons

Top: Uniqlo

Trousers: Lagamta

Boots Miz Mooz

It’s been a while since I reviewed my first piece from the Lithuanian fashion company Lagamta, but I mentioned in my previous post that I’d also received a pair of custom-sized trousers. These are them, the “Frostbitten” wool trousers.

Like my Fireside dress, it’s been made beautifully from a herringbone wool blend. Also like the dress, the trousers are unlined, so I’ve layered them over a pair of tights.

They’re a cunning cut, based on a pair of traditional riding breeches, with deep pockets and pleated folds at the hips which create a bit of a draped effect.

The legs are tapered, and the designers give each size a corresponding calf measurement (hurrah!) and add on their blog post that if your measurement exceeded that, then they would alter the fit accordingly.

I think they’re a style that probably would suit a taller lady better than they do me, but there’s a nice country-casual feel to them. I wore them on my trip down to Rye a few weeks ago, and they felt like the perfect weekend wear for tramping around the countryside, then curling up in front of a wood stove in the evening with a mug of hot chocolate.