The Deets

Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Melissa

My frocks tend to get a lot more airtime on this blog than the frou frou, I have to admit, and often I feel guilty about not making a bigger deal of my accessories.

Shoes, hats, belts, jewellery…. they’re such great ways of turning a classic outfit into something that showcases a bit of your personality.

Take this Eliza Parker dress: It’s the most perfect example of a blank slate outfit – It fits beautifully, is comfortable to wear, is a classic style and the navy colour will go with most accessories I chose to throw at it.

I can dress it up with heels, and some spangly jewellery; dress it down with a cardigan, and some ballet flats; throw in some red and white accessories for a nautical flair; or pretty it up with a floral brooch.

Today I decided to throw in some sparkle. I started with a rhinestone studded headband on my be-beehived coiffure:

Headband: Mimco

 I added my galactic starry night necklace which had been made of gorgeously glittery “midnight sunstone”. How I wish I knew how to capture the true nature of this necklace. It’s bewitching in person, I simply cannot capture the depth of the sparkly effect with my camera.

Necklace: Friedasophie

Lastly I injected a little bit of my customary bright colours with my hot pink glitter shoes from Melissa.

Shoes: Melissa

And just a gratuitous shot of my vintage specs, since I always get asked about them when they come up on the blog. I bought them a few years ago when The Sophisticate and I were visiting his family in the US. They came from a little vintage shop called Donna’s Dress Shop in Kansas City and I had the lenses replaced by Ren at Melbourne Optical. You can find similar vintage cats eye glasses on Etsy, and Ren actually stocks a few as well.


Dress: Igigi

Necklace: Lovisa

Shoes: Melissa

Here’s a pic from last week that didn’t quite make it on to the blog (when did life get so busy?). I thought I’d give this dress one last chance before making the decision whether or not to keep it, and unfortunately I’ve decided that I’m simply not doing it justice.

Like I said in the last post: When Igigi dresses work for me they REALLY work and I loved everything about this dress (The colour! The fabric! The draping!). But it didn’t love me back. 

I hope its new owner has better luck (Hi Sarah!)

This is where I tidily segue into letting you all know that I’ve got another eBay sale going. A few weekends ago I had to have a rather unpleasant procedure done, which unexpectedly wasn’t covered by my health insurance, leaving me unhappily out of pocket at a time when I’m madly trying to save. I thought I’d clear the decks in my wardrobe again and try and raise some funds at the same time, so head on over if you’re interested in taking a look.