May(de): Stars In Her Eyes

Top: Zara

Cardigan: Table 8

Jeans: Levi Curve

Boots: Duo Boots

Belt: City Chic

Dear oh dear, that’s two days in a row that I haven’t blogged. I’m so sorry – I’ve been badly under the weather – I took two days off work, and have more or less spent the entire weekend in bed, apart from a very welcome visit from my bridesmaid Bella on Saturday.

The sweet girl had surrendered her jacket to a friend, and was wandering the city in her t-shirt, bravely pretending that she wasn’t freezing to death. So we went to my favourite cheapie cardigan shop – Cocolatte – and bought her a cardigan, then came home and remixed some hearts onto the elbows with my still prolific quantities of wool roving.

I wore the one item I’ve been able to find that fits from UK powerhouse Zara; a star-print blouse.

Little-known fact about your blogger: I am obsessed with space.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an astronomer (this was before I discovered how much maths was required) and I must have been the only child excited by the prospect of a world-ending comet; I was sure that the government had a Plan, and we’d end up in giant spaceships travelling the universe, a la Star Wars.

I’ve grown out of the “astronomer” stage now, but I still have a bit of a thing for stuff that reminds me of the night sky, which is probably why the moment I saw this amazing midnight sunstone necklace on etsy I knew I had to have it:

Necklace: Friedasophie

The necklace has the most beautiful sparkle (my photo really REALLY doesn’t do it justice) it looks like a big chunk of the night sky.

It’s another stretch for my “May(de)” criteria, but I’m running out of cold weather custom-made items! A few more days to go, but I’ve got at least one DIY project in the works, so sit tight!

May(de): Repeat Performance

T-Shirt: McQueen @ Queen Clothing

Jeans: Levi Curve

Cardigan: Woolovers (remixed)

Shoes: Melissa

It is nice to mooch around in jeans and a t-shirt sometimes – I do it more often than you might suppose… I just don’t usually blog it. With my posting my outfit every day you’re discovering all my lazy little secrets!

My May(de) item today is a bit of a deja vu:

When I ordered the pink wool roving for my first felt applique remix¬†project I also bought some in red, because I wasn’t sure which style I wanted to go with.

I ended up using the pink for the grey cardigan, and then I decided to use some of the red roving to remix a basic black cardigan.

After doing the applique, the cardigan accidentally made its way into the washing machine (oops!). The cardigan is machine-washable… the felt hearts? Not so much.

The appliques came out a lot smaller and tighter than they went in, and had lost some of their shape, but I kind of wiggled them back into a heart and ironed them, and the result’s pretty good.

I like having a little bit of whimsy on a plain cardigan, and I still have SO much wool roving left over that I’m now looking at every other knitted item I own and thinking about what I can do it…