From The Archives

Blouse: Harris Scarfe

Cardigan: Friends of Couture via Cardigan Store

Pants: Harris Scarfe

Shoes: Wittner


Today my very good friend Fi invited me to attend Markit at Fed Sqaure with her. The opportunity to indulge in cupcakes, have a Taco Truck Taco, and finish some belated birthday present shopping was irresistible, as was the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Fi.

Typical Sunday though, I barely hauled myself out of bed in time to meet her, and hadn’t left myself enough time to plan an outfit so I was in jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan for warmth.

Fortunately, I have an outfit from the Archives to blog tonight, a very basic ensemble which is a pretty safe bet when I’m having an inspiration-free morning!

Eenie Midi Mini Mo

Top: Inspyre at Harris Scarfe

Skirt: Thrifted

Belt: Target

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Hemlimes, for me, are problematic. Especially extrteme hemlines. I’m shy about my knees, so I avoid mini-skirts like the plague (plus it’s hard to hide your Luvees under). I’m also not a tall person, so maxi-skirts make me look as wide as I am tall, so I tend to steer away from those, too. This season I’m having a bit of a Goldilocks moment though because – wait for it – midi skirts are finally in vogue.

Not too long and not too short, but seemingly impossible to find in plus sizes (especially in Australia, but that might change as the weather gets colder).

I’ve been mooning over the scrumptious Ulrika at Red Rosette who rocks a midi skirt like nobody’s business, but most of her wardrobe seems to come from Topshop or Miss Selfridge, neither of whom go up to my size. Instead I scoured the thrift shops to find this one.

I say “scoured”, but actually it was very easy: I found this for just $6 at the first charity shop I went into.

I teamed it with a darker blouse (still not convinced about that, actually) and some neutral accessories; A brown belt, brown shoes, and wooden brooch and earrings to play up that 70’s nature-child vibe.

Brooch: Gifted By Fiona

Earrings: CatRabbit


P.S. Fiona, Elroy & The Sophisticate’s fifth “Remote Viewing” podcast is up as of today! Due to popular demand they’ll be recording weekly from now on which is very exciting, so go have a listen. The Sophisticate’s the one with the sexy voice 😉