Pattern Recognition

 Blouse: Harris Scarfe

Skirt: City Chic

Shoes: Wittner

I wasn’t sure this combination of prints would actually work together, but the result’s not too bad.

I bought this stripy nautical skirt from City Chic almost as soon as it came out, but it’s a piece I actually have a lot of trouble dressing with. The stripes are perhaps just a modicum too slender, and if I’m being honest I would have preferred navy blue to black.

I’ve tried to wear it with both black and red t-shirts, but they looked odd tucked in, and left loose over the waistband of the skirt, and my body looked oddly propotioned.

No, I’m afraid that this skirt is a one-hit-wonder, and probably won’t be the Essential Summer Item I’d envisaged when I first bought it.

So, in other news, The Sophisticate and I spent the weekend away – we flew up to Sydney, then drove down to Nowra to suss out our wedding venue for the first time (amazing, BTW)

We took lots of photos… did you want a sneak peek, or did you want to wait until February for The Big Reveal?

A to Zara

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Top: Zara

Pants: Harris Scarfe

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Necklace: Quick Brown Fox


If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks in Australia you might not be aware that Spanish fashion “giant” Zara opened their doors in Melbourne and Sydney a week or so ago.

It’s one of those labels – like TopShop – that always seem to pop up on straight-size fashion blogs, but because they don’t really go above a size fourteen I’ve never paid much notice. I would have had to be blind not to have noticed the hordes of shoppers that were queuing to be admitted even five days after the grand opening though.

On Friday I happened past the store, and though the barriers were still up the security guard at the front was just moving shoppers in, so I thought what the hell, and went in to take a sticky beak.

Inside it was basically bedlam, the wait for the changing room was prohibitive, and the size ranges on the shelves were somewhat limited.

The clothes are nice enough, and reasonably affordable. Not a lot was available in an XL, which I’d estimate to be about a 16, but I did manage to find something I wanted enough to buy.

This little polyester blouse is printed with a smattering of navy blue stars, and will be a nice piece for the warmer months. It’s one of those voluminous shapeless pieces that are designed to hang off skinny shoulders and skim underdeveloped bosoms which means that the XL – though tight across my hips – more or less fits.

I like it teamed with a bright yellow cardi, and the sunny plastic necklace that I impulse bought from Quick Brown Fox a few days ago for $12.