Bright and Breezy

 Dress: eShakti

Shoes: Wittner

Aaaaaand we’re back to summer again.

I’ve lived in Melbourne for over eight years now, but I’m still not used to it’s ADHD approach to the seasons. A few days we were shivering and subjected to torrential rainstorms, and today was steamy and hot. Just the right weather to wear my OTHER eShakti purchase!

This dress is the one I bought INSTEAD of the Migratory Birds dress (as opposed to “as well as”, sigh) which should give you some idea of how much I liked it.

It’s breezy cotton with a flattering bustier-style bodice and a smocked back.

And look, Ma, POCKETS!

The graphic print fabric reminds me a little of my Monaco Dress  and is a tomatoey red that I tend to steer away from, but actually works better in this context than my more favoured deep red would.

I had a moment of concern that the bodice wouldn’t work with my big boobs, but of course, eShakti asks what cup size you wear during the ordering process, and presumably adjusts the fit accordingly. Irrespectively, the smocked back ensures a snug, but still comfortable fit.

I DID have a bit of trouble finding a bra that didn’t peek out at the corners where the bodice meets the shoulder straps – The neckline is wider than even my balconette bras. A pair of safety pins dealt with that issue though.

The thing that sold me on this dress though? The back.

I’m a sucker for a good feature back, and this has a corker; the dress fastens behind the neck with a little button, but the back isn’t secured to the bodice at all meaning that you get a flirty little peekaboo of skin.

Of course, the moment you do anything more strenuous than standing still the flaps widen, showing a goodly quantity of bra strap…

… but really, on hot 30+ degree days like today it’s the least of my worries.


Blouse: Glassons

Skirt: eShakti

Belt: City Chic

Shoes: Chie Mihara

 What’s this? An eShakti skirt? Are they shipping internationally now?

Well, sadly no, but I took the advice of reader Danielle and signed up with parcel forwarding company “Shipito“.

You sign up for your very own PO Box with Shipito, and have your parcel sent there. When it arrives Shipito emails you to let you know you’ve got a parcel, then you fill out the customs online and they’ll post it off for you. It costs $8.50, plus whatever the shipping charges are through either USPS or FedEx (your choice). For my order (1 skirt, and 1 dress) it cost $10 from eShakti to Shipito, then $11 (plus $8.50) from Shipito to me. Overall $29.50. Not cheap, but I GOT AN ORDER FROM ESHAKTI!

Here’s the annoying thing though. eShakti says it doesn’t ship internationally, but you can track your parcel online, and guess what? It went: Chennai, India => Frankfurt, Germany => Philadelphia, USA => Louisville, USA => Long Beach, USA => Shipito. Now I would consider both Germany and the USA to be “International” to India, and further away than Australia to boot!

Timewise, you wouldn’t want your order in a hurry – I placed it on the 18th of September, it arrived in the US on the 26th, was reshipped by Shipito on the 27th, and arrived in Australia on the  21st of October – but I’ll say it again: I GOT AN ORDER FROM ESHAKTI!

Verdict-wise, I’m pretty chuffed with the skirt and the dress. The skirt I KNEW I’d have to get after seeing this picture from Mandy The Curvy Model on Tumblr:

Doesn’t she look AMAZING? I’m not rocking it quite as well; I don’t have her teensy waist, and also the skirt sits on my hips rather than my natural waist. I bought it in the 16W – following the size chart – but next time I would probably custom-size or go down a size.

The skirt’s fully lined and is made of a slinky polyester that doesn’t crush, and wears well over a long day. The workmanship’s good – the side seams don’t sit flat, which gives me the irrits big time – but apart from that I’m delighted.

I wore it with my Mum when she was visiting a few weekends ago – it’s totally her colour, as you can tell from the fact that we’re wearing virtually identical outfits (purely by accident!)

I’m already making up a wishlist for my next eShakti order. Sadly, the Migratory Birds dress I’d been lusting after has disappeared, but here’s a few pretties to take its place: