Don’t Be Koi

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Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Dream Diva

Shoes: Wittner

Belt: Glassons

Well, the midi-length 3/4 circle skirt is officially my new favourite style.

After so much success with the Asos “fit and flare” skirt, and my own DIY’d version of the same I’ve been on the lookout for similar pieces.

I spotted this one in the window at Dream Diva as I was driving past some months ago but wrote it off because colour was so bright, and the fabric so thin.

Of course, come summer I started looking for bright colours and thin fabrics, and as I hadn’t had any further luck tracking down more “fit and flare” midi skirts I thought I’d go back to Dream Diva and see if they still had the skirt in my size.

Fortunately they did, and it was half price at a whopping $29.95.

In person the thin fabric doesn’t seem like such a big deal. I won’t be wearing lacy panties underneath it any time soon, but I haven’t found that the fabric was staticky or clingy at all. It just drapes and flows and flutters pleasingly around the legs (and less pleasingly around the shoulders when caught in a freak windstorm.) Most importantly it doesn’t seem to crush badly.

I feel like the skirt is too long and needs a few inches taken from the hem to really harness its flirty, summery potential, but it goes nicely with my Dorothy Perkins koi/goldfish top.

And, if the orange is just a bit too much Dream Diva is now doing it in black, though it’s still full price.

If you’re wanting something a bit heavier Asos is re-visiting the original in a weighty Ponte fabric. It’s the exact same fit as the cotton drill version I originally bought, though the fabric doesn’t have quite the same stiffness, and doesn’t sit out quite as satisfactorily. The jersey does mean it’s doesn’t crush at all though, and it comes in a broad range of colours. And also a graphic check print that I’m trying really REALLY hard not to succumb to.

Aussie Curves: Bling

P1020673_2 P1020674_2 P1020676_2 P1020680_2

Top: Dream Diva

Skirt: Gorman (Remixed)

Shoes: Melissa

I don’t have a lot of “bling” in my fashion repertoire, so I found myself struggling a bit with this week’s “Aussie Curves” challenge (that’s probably why they call it a “Challenge”, right?).

It’s kind of weird, because I tend to gravitate, magpie-like, towards sparkly things in the shops. Sequins, rhinestones, glittery shoes; I see them on the racks and find myself lurching towards them with grabby hands.

But I rarely buy.

Bags I have too many of already, so it’s usually easy to talk myself of of buying another unnecessary handbag, clutch or purse. Sparkly shoes are WITHOUT FAIL the stiffest, least comfortable shoes in the entire shop. The jewellery I often buy…. then don’t wear. Because I have yet to master the art of casual bling.

And the clothes…. This is my biggest downfall.

Whenever I see sequinned skirts/tops/dresses in the shops I’m compelled to try them on (as long at the sequins are on the back as well. Pet hate: plain backs on sequinned fronts).

Sequinned clothing looks all wrong on me though. My body is made up of round shapes. My breasts, the curve of my belly, the roundness of my thighs and my hips… in all-over sequins I look like a conglomeration of mirrorballs.

I don’t know why this is. I’ve seen other plus-size girls ROCK the all-over sequin look, which is why – in my head – I think I can pull it off. But so far, no joy.

In the meanwhile I’m happy to channel my inner bling-addict with this great tee-shirt from Dream Diva.


 It’s comfy to wear, a nice slouchy shape in a gorgeously soft jersey, and the sequin heart on the front is just the right amount of sparkly without being OTT. I still light up the inside of the car like a mirrorball on sunny days, but at least I don’t feel like I should be revolving over a dance floor.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how well it works with the indie au-naturel look of my raw silk Gorman dress-cum-skirt – I would have thought them completely disparate items, but they play nicely together. The slouchy tee kind of diminishes the prissiness of the skirt, and the skirt makes the tee seem more retro and classic.

I also have some very, very discreet sparkle in my shoes:

P1020686Remember what I said about sparkly shoes being the least comfortable in the shop? The same doesn’t apply to Melissa shoes. I actually prefer these to my sparkly pink Melissa shoes because the glitter is incorporated into the shoes, rather than glued to the outside. It means it’s smoother around the edges, and I don’t leave a small trail or glitter wherever I go. I like the spectator style of the black contrast panels, and the little bow is a bonus.

Sadly I DO find that these Melissa’s – unlike other pairs in my collection – do make my feet a bit sweaty. They came from the Melissa shop, so they’re definitely authentic, but maybe something about the glittery PVC is different to the usual “jelly”.

To see the other entries in this week’s Aussie Curve challenge click through the link below, and make sure you check out Natalie from XL as Life. Her sequin peplum dress had me clicking straight through to Asos where – boohoo – it’s out of stock in my size.

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