May(de) Coppertop

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Vest: Target

Skirt: Kelda Leigh

Shoes: Chie Mihara

First off: Yes, I’ve had a haircut. And yes, I’ve had my hair dyed, too. It’s a lovely coppery colour that is gorgeous and warm in person, and – it turns out – looks downright peculiar against the copper doors in photos. Apologies for the quality of these pictures, I had to tweak the hell out of the colour grading so that my new ‘do didn’t look green!

Still, I’m sure you’ll get another chance to see this skirt in May(de), as it’s one of my favourite winter pieces.

I bought this simple, a-line wool skirt from Kelda Leigh at Sydney’s Paddington Markets almost two years ago to the day, and though her store looks like it’s undergoing a bit of a transformation at the moment (there’s a new winter range coming, according the the site) it’s a good one to keep your eye on, because the skirts are beautifully made, and she both custom-sizes and posts internationally.

I always seem to wear this skirt with these particular Chie Mihara’s – it seems a shame not too – the colours match perfectly! To see a more true to life view of the skirt check out my original review… Sometimes I miss that wall (and that lighting!)

Out Back

Top: Glassons

Vest: Target

Cardigan: Glassons

Skirt: Pearl & Elspeth via Georgie Love

Boots: Duo Boots


This is my second Pearl and Elspeth skirt – you might remember my first from here – and like the first it’s been lovingly constructed by Annie from P&E from a bit of True Blue Australian Ephemera (this time a rustic linen tablecloth, apparently).

Obviously, having been handmade from vintage souvenirs, Annie’s pieces are one-offs and I’ve learnt to snap them up quickly if I don’t want to miss out. When I saw this skirt on Annie’s own blog I emailled her pronto and asked how I could get my hot little hands on it before anyone else got a chance! Fortunately for me the skirt had been sent to the (delicious) Sally at Georgie Love but hadn’t been listed on the website yet, so I managed to pip you all at the post (sorry!).

Really, when you see the back – who could blame me! I love the border of Australian flora and fauna so much that I’m tempted to wear the skirt backwards!