Hi, Tea


Top: Big W

Skirt (remixed): GLM Fashion

Belt: I Will Fly

Shoes: Mollini


On Saturday I attended my beautiful friend Callie’s Hen’s Party.

Callie did a spectacular job as one half of the team that hosted my own “Hen’s”, and I was really excited to be able to help her celebrate her own.

We started with High Tea at the Windsor, which I’ve only ever done once before, and it’s such a decadent treat. I think we all wobbled out of there feeling a little bit the worse for wear with excess sugar intake, but it was So. Worth. It.

I had grand plans for my outfit, but ran out of time before I finished pulling together the skirt that I had in mind. In the end I had to throw on this outfit, but there were plenty of love-hearts to go around.



Necklace: Asos

I wore my heart belt from “I Will Fly” on Etsy, and I also wore this little heart necklace which I bought for $8 from Asos. To be honest I’ve been wearing the necklace pretty much non-stop for the last few months. It’s just a little plastic heart bead on a chain but, I don’t know, I kind of love it.

If my love heart belt and love heart necklace were for the very happy impending nuptials, my earrings were for the High Tea.

Teacup on one side…


Teapot on the other.

DSCF1029_2They were a going-away gift from my former job, and I wear them all the time.

ETA – The earrings were made by Mrs Peterson Pottery – Thanks to Jeannie for the heads-up!

Milkmaid Braids

DSCF0975_2 DSCF0976_2 DSCF0979_2

Top: T-Bar

Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Mollini

I am very cross at this skirt today! My zipper suffered a critical failure halfway through the day, when I was in the middle of a shopping trip with my Mum, and I had to SEW THE SKIRT CLOSED with an emergency sewing kit!

Not Well Pleased.

I COULD have bought a new skirt (having the one you’re wearing split its zipper from waistband to thigh is a pretty good excuse), but I’m trying to be “good” at the moment. I visit The Sophisticate in New York in less than a month and I’d like to have a few pennies saved up for treats and fun-times when I get there.

Meanwhile, I’m wholeheartedly delighted that I’ve finally managed to figure out milkmaid braids for mid-length hair!

My locks are at that somewhat annoying not-long-not-short stage of growing out a bob, and I’m so bored of ponytails, so I’ve really been trying to develop some new styles.

Problem is, for most hairstyles you need: time, patience, dexterity, a GHD and hairspray. My life is sadly lacking in every single one of those, so I’m already starting on the back foot.

One thing I CAN do well is braids, but I’ve never managed to master the milkmaid braids, which baffled me – I knew friends with shorter hair than mine who managed to pull it off, but somehow whenever I tried my stumpy little braids never even came CLOSE to meeting on top of my head.


Well, apparently I’m an idiot, and I’m sure everyone else figured this out a while ago, but the secret is…..

Start your braids high up on your head (duh).

So, for the time/patience/dexterity/GHD/hairspray-challenged, here’s my Bleeding-Obvious-Tutorial on how to do milkmaid braids.


1. I start with damp hair. Partly because I’m too lazy to blow dry completely, partly because it helps combat flyways, but mostly because it means I get an extra day out of a hair wash. I part my damp hair down the middle and put one side up in a fetching high pigtail.


2. with my head tilted as far to the side as I can manage I make a plait just above the ear.


3… and on the other side until I have two Pippi Longstocking braids that start above my ears and are NOW LONG ENOUGH TO MEET ON TOP OF MY HEAD.


4. Bobby-pin one braid in place over the crown of your head


5. and then the other. Tuck the two loose ends under each opposite braid and pin them tidily out of view.


6. You know have a perfectly respectable-looking hairdo. Well done, you.